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Accident detection

The Wearable detects slips, trips and falls, and sends out an alert.

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No-motion detection

If unusual periods of no-movement are detected, Tended will check to see if everything's ok.

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Panic alarm

Help can be requested at any time by holding the screen down for five seconds.

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Fitness tracking

A built-in step counter displays daily step count.

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OLED tap display

The Wearable features a bright and clear display, responsive to a light tap.

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Up to four-day battery

After a full charge, the wearable will last up to four days.

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AI technology

We use artificial intelligence to learn your workers' movements, and spot anything that could indicate an accident.

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Select how often you would like employees to check-in.

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Bluetooth low energy

By using Bluetooth low energy, we ensure that drain on battery life is kept to a minimum.

The future of lone worker technology

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Ensure that at the end of each day, they get home safe.

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Know within seconds if any of your team are in trouble

Our technology is designed to help you tackle the most common accidents at work. Tended’s Dashboard constantly monitors your employees’ safety, so if they’re ever in danger, you’re the first to know.

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Reduce human error and free up time

Tended use a combination of wearables and artificial intelligence to automatically and reliably detect accidents and check in with your employees. Freeing up time for your managers and giving them peace of mind.

Get your employees engaged with safety

Getting your employees engaged with health and safety can be tough, yet it’s vital to keeping them safe. From how it looks to how it works, we’ve designed our technology to be as engaging and simple to use as possible.

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A great safety record comes from a strong safety culture

Did you know that 67% of employees are against using a device that tracks them? That’s why we put your employees at the forefront of everything we do, helping you build a great safety culture.

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